Since we sent out our fist email, we have had a few questions from new and prospective members.  We thought the answers might be helpful for everyone.  So were are a few FAQs.

1.  How are you going to select the wines?   

We have already spent a bunch of time collecting great wines from all over SA.  No specific areas, producers or cultivars.  Anything great goes!  Simply put, we are looking for niche wines that are often overlooked or missed by mainstream.  It won’t be a collection of weird and wonderfuls, just wines we honestly think deserve to be tasted and drunk.  There will be wines coming from large cellars, as well as ones you have never heard of.

2.  Why 6 months?

Good one!  We wanted to start off with a committed group of people to give the project a real shot and give us a chance at gathering feedback and making critical improvements quickly.

3.  Can I cancel during the first 6 months if I’m not happy?  

Yes.  Absolutely.  We want everyone to be happy of course but if Tank & Barrel isn’t for you, then we will refund the balance of your term at any time.

4.  Will I like the wines?  

Yes.  And  no.  You will not like all the wines.  That’s a fact.  But that’s why we love the idea of sticking to 1 bottle only.  If you don’t like a bottle, it’s not the end of the world.  Conversely if you find one you love, you can buy more.  Elegantly simple, no?

One of the most important and innovative aspects of T&B is that we will be asking to hear back from you to learn more about your likes and dislikes.  The good, the bad and the ugly, we want to hear it all.  The more you tell us about the wines you like and don’t like the more we will be able to customize our offering.

5.  What will happen after the initial trial period?  

Hopefully Tank & Barrel will be a huge hit and everyone will want to carry on.  At that stage, we will most likely move to a monthly credit-card-based billing system.  It’s also likely that we will split T&B into several tiers.  At some stage we would love to have a membership tier for international wines, why not?

6.  Why R 300?  

At this price point we can deliver some really great, exciting wines.  Some will be more than R150 per bottle, some will be less but over time, it will average out to about that.

7.  What other innovation do you have planned?

If things take off as we hope they will, we are looking at a website of course but better than that an app that will gather your feedback on the wines and allow members to interact with us and with each other.  We’ve got some super exciting ideas for the app and what it can do.

If your questions have not been answered, please get in touch and we respond directly and post the answer on this page too.


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