TSW Reserve Syrah 2013


 Packshot - TSW - Reserve Syrah  

TSW Syrah Reserve 2013

Wine Vitals:
Winery Trizanne Signature Wines
Name of Wine Syrah Reserve
Vintage 2013
Varietals Syrah
Speech Bubbles:
Nose: White pepper and raw spices, delicate floral perfume
Palate: light, dry tannins, lifted acidity
Appearance: vibrant core, fresh and inviting
Pairing: almost anything, charcuterie
W.0. Elim
Style Cool climate, modern
Decant (y/n): N
Serving Temp: 15/16
About the Wine Destemmed but not crushed, matured for 14 months in old French oak. Definitely Syrah in style, light touch with solid core of dry tannins and lifted acidity.   Made from various vineyards in Elim, this wine does not hide its cool-climate origins and definitely for the better; delicate in structure it packs a punch in tightness.
About the Vintage 2013 will probably go down as a B+ vintage especially now that we know what 2014 and 2015 hold in store.Trizanne recalls 2013 as a “particularly good year for the Syrah, cooler vintage, long ripening, and extraordinary spiciness from the 2 blocks, which I hope the vineyards manage to achieve again in the future vintages.”

When asked about specific anecdotes relating to this wine Trizanne has “nothing [to report] out of the ordinary”, apart from a parculiar type of avian warfare “trying to blow up/ electrocute the alien sparrows destroying our vineyards (perhaps not for the Green Peace groupies).”

About the Winemaker Smart, beautiful, fun, what is not to like about Trizanne Barnard?Having cut her teeth first at Klein Constantia and French-backed SA venture Anwilka, Trizanne claims she was destined for winemaking having “scored an A for ‘bak en brou’ in pre-primary.” That and a Stellenbosch degree and internship in Australia, France and Portugal might have helped a bit!

Trizanne decided to fly solo in 2008 when she founded her eponymous Trizanne Signature Wines. “The four invaluable years at Anwilka and my international experience gave me the confidence to start my own brand. Since the very first vintage my focus has always been on two very diverse wine regions, namely Elim and the Swartland.”

Making cracker wines and raising two future surfer dudes keep her busy. “I have 2 boys, 2 years and 4 years old and they love anything with wheels – so we play cars up and down the passage.”

When she’s not making wines, Trizanne spends her time surfing, surfing and more surfing. “I feel that the ocean recharges me, and teaches patience and respect for nature.”

Coincidentally, we love the name our hip winemakeress chose for her Border Collie: Wax Barnard (named after the famous surfboard coating sex wax – if you surf you know what this is… otherwise you can look it up…).

*Editor’s Note: the connection between winemaking and surfing is becoming a real thing we will have to start exploring further it seems.

Quizz of the Month A free bottle of TSW Reserve Syrah for the first person to successfully guess the origins of Trizanne’s name. (Clue : it was derived from the names of her two grandmothers).NO CHEATING.
Why we picked it We like the delicate and feminine side of the wine, a very smart expression of a new world /modern Syrah. Christian Eedes says it all when he comments: “The hallmark of Trizanne Barnard’s wines seems to be her utter respect for fruit – what she makes is hardly mainstream but it isn’t wilfully alternative, either.”   Couldn’t have phrased it better!
Bad Pairing Ideas Trizanne would not pair her wine with zoo biscuits.
Region and Soils: Elim region, directly influenced by ocean proximity; soils are mostly lime and chalk over decomposed sand stone and quartz.
Pricing/Value: R 160 per bottle – R 960 per case of 6



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