Overgaauw Touriga Nacional 2014

Overgaauw Touriga Nacional non vintage       Overguaaw Touriga Nacional 2014


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Tasting Guide Information

Wine Vitals:
  Winery Overgaauw
  Name of Wine Touriga Nacional
  Vintage 2014
  Varietals Touriga Nacional
Speech Bubbles (Bullet Points Only)
  Nose: lots of primary fruit, bitter cherry and black berries; no obvious oak use, just pure red fruit
  Palate: taught and juicy, fresh fruit and grippy tannins all polished off with a medium acidity
Appearance: young, vibrant, intense and shimmering red
Pairing: salads, poultry and lighter red meats
W.0. stellenbosch
Style: a modern twist on a classic European cultivar
Decant (y/n): n
Serving Temp: 16
Long Form Description
About the Wine Known first and foremost as a port cultivar, it turns out Touriga is pretty handy when made as fresh and vibrant dry wine. The key here is to avoid overpowering it with oak or over-ripeness. This particular bottle was made from “THE” Mother block, i.e. the first planting of this cultivar in SA.   Yes, sir! The original African Touriga, imported by the Van Veldens directly from the Douro Valley and straight into this wine bottle. To think it all started with 4 vines…


About the Vintage 2014- regarded as a good although tricky vintage by most; a dry season with a wet finish made early picking and late picked cultivars a seat-of-the-pants affair.
About the Farm and/or Winemaker The Van Veldens are one the stalwart families in the Stellenbosch wine industry.   Settled in the Cape since basically day 1, the history of Overgaauw is as old as the country. David, aka Van Velden Jnr the port, this wine has van velden jar all over it;
why we picked it It just made sense. We wanted to showcase a great Port and bring back the sweet. It only made sense to pick this modern interpretation of the Touriga grape to look at the world of Portuguese grapes through a different lens.  
Bad Pairing Ideas: oily dishes
Quizz of the Month
Region and Soils: the subregion of stellenbosch with a rather unique soil structure made up of Cape Granite, clay and loam.
Pricing/Value: R xx per bottle – R xxx per case of 6