Druk My Niet Cabernet Franc 2010

Druk My Niet - Cabernet Franc 2010

Wine Vitals:  
Winery Druk My Niet
Name of Wine Cabernet franc
Vintage 2010
Varietals Cabernet franc
Nose: Crushed stone, cherry pips and polished leather
Palate: Lifted acidity, ripe mid-palate with a classic dry finish
Appearance: Medium appearance, not as dense as Merlot or dark as Cabernet Sauvignon
Pairing: Poultry, cheese, dessert
W.0. Paarl
Style: Classic Right Bank
Decant (y/n): Yes
Serving Temp: 13- 15
About the Wine Cabernet franc is a bit of an acquired taste; graphite notes with a bone-dry taste and lifted acidity might seem out of place; but that is what Cabernet franc is all about. The wine has a certain mystique about it; we are told this is because, Mapogo, a famous war horse that led Boer commandos to safety in a storm is buried in the block where these vines are planted.
About the Farm and Winemaker German partners Mr & Mrs Kirchner have found their slice of paradise on this patch of land nestled up on the hills of Paarl. Abraham de Klerk, a horse-obsessed deep thinker, made the wine and perhaps drew his inspiration from the Mapogo legend. He has since taken on the challenging task of making wine in Ethiopia and his large shoes have subsequently been filled by Lukas van Loggerenberg.

Good new for the farm, Lukas is the first of our winemakers who’s aptitude test actually had him down as a farmer…

What we think

(why we picked it)

Cabernet franc is underrated and underloved, we wanted to share the love
Region and Soils:



DMN is located bang in the middle of the W.O. Paarl at the foothills of the Hawequas mountain range. These soils follow the Helderberg/Simonsberg rift and are therefore mostly decomposed Table mountain sandstone and clay.   (Not to be confused with the Paarl mountains soils that are rich in granite and quartz.)
Worse Pairings Lukas would not pair this Cabernet Franc with cooked cabbage or peanut butter sandwiches. It takes a certain amount of research we reckon to exclude these “dishes” from the food-pairing list. Well done!
Pricing/Value: R 140 per bottle / R 840 per case of 6