November 14

T&B’s November Selection

Dear Tank & Barrel Pioneers,

Welcome to our maiden shipment’s homepage.  After quite a bit of debate, we decided we would keep things simple for the time being as we plan the construction of a dedicated website.  So please excuse the amateurish nature of this wordpress site.  Hopefully, you will look through the form at the substance and bear with us in these early days.  But enough about us, onto the heroes of the Month.

To kick things off, we thought we’d go with a red and a white – something for most everyone and we think not a bad choice for this slow start we have had to summer.  Duncan Savage’s 2013 White – A delicate, yet intense and complex white for a beautiful sunny day, and Camberley’s Philospher’s Stone 2011 – a rich, ripe red for those last lingering rainy day.

To read more and share you comments about the wines, click on the pictures below.  We look forward to reading your comments and feedback.

 Camberley Philosophers Stone 2011  WHITE-2013

Happy tasting !


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