Camberley Philosopher’s Stone 2011

Camberley Thumb

Tasting Guide

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Winery Camberley Wines
Name of Wine Philosopher’s Stone
Vintage 2011
Varietals Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet franc, Merlot

Tasting Notes

Nose: Spices, tobacco leaves, cigar-box
Palate: Tightly wound tannins, medium freshness
Appearance: Medium plus intensity
Pairing: A big wine that will stand up to big dishes
W.O. Stellenbosch
Style: Broad tannins with ripe red fruit
Decant (y/n): Yes
Serving Temp: 14- 15
About the Farm and Winemaker: John Nel purchased Camberley as a plum farm in 1990, ripped up the plums and planted vines. A character of note, John is a quantity surveyor by training, an airplane-besotted man by nature who also happens to make a decent drop of wine when he puts his mind to it. Worth visiting, no pretense or fanfare at Camberley, just down-to-earth great people and killer burgers on a Saturday. Stick around and Johnny might even through a couple crayfish on the braai.
What we think: This approachably serious wine has a foot in both worlds, broad and grainy tannins with supple sweet ripe red fruit. Tightly wound tannins with medium freshness makes for good balance and lingering. Says John: “We have Van Morrison to thank for the name of Philosopher’s Stone. With no formal training in wine or winemaking, anything we did was going to be alchemy – the song playing on the radio whilst processing the grapes referred to the Philosopher’s Stone – we knew that was it. Eminently drinkable within a few months of bottling this wine can absolutely be aged_ we prefer people to leave it for a few years before purchase – though we along with many, do not have the patience.”
Region and Soils:    The farm is nestled on the back slope of the Simonsberg as you cross the Helshoogte pass. The valleys there have deep red decomposed soils, with cool nights, its not an easy place to farm, but rewarding when one gets it right.
Price  R110/bottle – R600 per case

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